NerveFlux Marketplace partners will be able to list their properties in popular stable cryptocurrencies. Consumers will be able to buy them without converting any crypto to fiat. The Marketplace will also allow payments with local currencies. It will ensure that the NerveFlux project is going to be the go-to solution for everybody. NerveFlux intends to be that bridge between cryptocurrency and fiat currency in the real estate business.

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With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

Q3/Q4 2021

✓ Concept inception and Development.
✓ Contract Audit.
✓ Whitepaper release.
✓ Airdrop Whitelist.
✓CoinMarketCap Listing
✓Team KYC.

Q1 2022

Initiation of partnership with Local authorities (More detail later).
Staking App Launch.
Listing on Exchange.

Q2 2022

Airdrop Distribution.
Website update.

Q3 2022

Release of NPMP.
NerveFlux Property.
MarkPlace (NPMP).
web Launch.

Q4 2022

Release of NerveFlux.
NFT whitepaper.
NerveFlux NFT Launch.

Q1 2023

Development of NPMP App.
Launch of NPMP App for Andriod.
Launch of NPMP App for Apple.

Q2 2023

Release of NerveFlux.
Governance Coin whitepaper.
NerveFlux Governance.
Coin Launch.

Q3 2023

Upgrade and further development of NPMP.
Integration of additional coins for NPMP payment.

Q4 2023

NPMP with withdrawal Function Development.
NPMP Staking Function Development.

Q1 2024

Release of NPMP App 2.0.
Second white paper.
Further Upcoming development.

About NerveFLux

The Idea of NerveFlux is to build an ecosystem where everyone will be able to invest in property without converting cryptocurrency to fiat.

NerveFlux Marketplace will have lists of properties in NERVE  and other popular coins. The marketplace partner program will let real estate agencies list their properties and get exposure in the crypto world.

Nerve Contract address:


Why NerveFlux?


People will be able to rent houses, buy and invest in properties through NerveFlux Marketplace.


Everyone will be able to buy properties without converting their cryptocurrencies to fiat. The Marketplace will also allow payments with local currencies. It will ensure that the NerveFlux project is going to be the go-to solution for everybody


NerveFlux will be incorporated in multiple countries: Italy, Germany, Croatia, Spain, Nigeria and other selected countries for a start

Solution for Everyone

A tree will be planted in different countries of the world for every Nerve wallet address. By just holding Nerve a tree will be tagged to your wallet address. Holding Nerve will help make this world a better place. How will you feel to see a tree planted with your wallet address next to it?

How NerveFlux Works?


100 % of the Liquidity Pool token (Cake LPToken) will be permanently burnt. This is our way to ensure there is no RugPull now or in the future. We will 100% give back to the community what is theirs. This is going to be the people's Token as such we will have no control over liquidity.

Burn Explanation

From the onset Nerve has been designed to be scarce. 15% of Nerve Maximum Token Supply will be permanently burnt. 20% of Circulating Nerve Token will also be burn to mint other coins. To ensure continuous increase in value and scarcity, There is 5% tax on all Nerve transactions. 60% of this tax is to be burn.

Tax Explanation

There will be a 5% tax on all transactions. TAX BURN 3%. Tax to Liquidity pool 1%. Tax to To staking 0.5%. Tax to Charity wallet 0.5%.


Token Name





Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Circulating Supply


Total Supply


Maximum Supply

200 Million

Token Distribution

  • Public Sales 5%
  • Project Locked Liquidity Support 5%
  • Project Development and Support 25%
  • Whitelisted Presales 3%
  • Initial Burn 15%
  • Private Sales 5%
  • Marketing 17%
  • Staking and Airdrop 12%
  • Team 6%
  • Charity and Climate Emergency 2%
  • Partnership 5%

Funds Allocation

  • Project development, Training and Recruiting in Local territories 60%
  • Marketing, Branding and promotion and partnership 30%
  • Legal and Administration 6%
  • Unexpected emergency 4%

Our Team

Mario Ljubičić
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Mario is the CEO / Director of Communication at NerveFlux. He loves new challenges and he is bringing his wealth of experience here. He is very motivated about his role at NerveFlux. He is a crypto Investor with vast knowledge in Blockchain. He loves to say NerveFlux is the future.
Toritseju Edema
Chief Operating Officer (COO) / Lead developer
Mr Edema is the founder of NerveFlux. He has over eighteen (18) years of hands-on experience in Information Technology. As a crypto Investor, writer and adviser to other crypto startups, He is so passionate about the future of crypto. He doubles as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Lead developer.

Kelvin N. Imade
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
kelvin, a talented cultural mediator/social worker, is presently the Chief Technical Officer(CTO) of NerveFlux. He is a self-taught IT technician and crypto investor with a background in management and communication.

Our Partners

Frequently asked questions

NerveFlux project is to develop a seamless system where everyone will be able to buy properties without converting their cryptocurrencies to fiat. To accomplish this, NerveFlux project will launch Nerveflux marketplace along with NerveFlux coin, NerveFlux Governance Coin, and NerveFlux NFT

195,000,000 (195 Million)

NerveFlux will distribute (Five) 5 Nerve Token to everyone who participate in the airdrop whitelisting. There will be additional benefits (EARLY INVESTORS BENEFIT) to early Investors who purchase nerve token at our Presale and Public Sales. "Reaf full Early Investor Benefits".

NerveFlux Marketplace is under development. It will be unveil according to our roadmap.

NerveFlux NFT will be release Q4/2022.

Immediately after successful sales, we will list on XT and PancakeSwap. Other exchanges will follow as we have started negotiations. Our exchange of choice includes Bitmart, WhiteBit, Hotbit, Kucoin,, Binance and Huobi Global.

Yes, NERVEFLUX SRLS. C.F 02678510062

Buy function will be activated prior to Sales..

NerveFlux has locked over 34.5% of it Maximum Supply. Over of 69 million Token vested for up to 5 years.

14th January, 2022.

No, the initial optional 12 months vesting with bonus of 10% APY will be replace with Staking.

It will be done on our partners platform.

You can view Team KYC/Doxxed certificate using this link

NerveFlux do not keep or hold investors token or funds. Our users security and safety is important to us. We will be providing 5% of Nerve Maximum supply in a safe reserve as Secure Asset Funds for Users (SAFU), should their be any security breach in our platform or Apps after launch. Understand funds will not be kept in our platforms. Everything will be done from end to end(wallet to wallet). More details will be provided later.

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