Ecosystem Update: January 2023 Project Report.

It’s another new month, the second month of 2023, the NerveFlux ecosystem and the crypto market in general has shown some level of growth.

In an optimistic market, the report for January 2023 focused on key issues within NerveFlux Ecosystem. If you have any question leave a message via any of the contact details at the end of the page.

Marketplace Development: Innovation involves constant research, update and development. We made some changes to the design of the frontend, development is ongoing, we hope to present some snapshot in the coming months.

Partnerships: From the unset, the NerveFlux team understand the importance of partnership. As we edge closer to the release of the NerveFlux Marketplace, focus on partnership is non negotiable. We have seen interest in the NerveFlux both locally and internationally. The NerveFlux team is happy to inform you that we are working to expose NerveFlux innovation to big players.

NerveFlux DAO: The strength of a project lies in development and community. As such the NerveFlux team has decided to empower the community and investors in decision making, bring about the birth of NerveFlux DAO. The NerveFlux telegram group will reflect this changes in the form of voting, incentives and decision making.

Staking: Incentives are healthy in any ecosystem, they reflect the true strength of a project. NerveFlux staking was suspended 17th of December 2022 to enable the introduction of new staking mechanism. At the Launch of NerveFlux v2, a new staking mechanism will enable multiple staking/rewards in BNB, BUSD, PASSX and Nerve v2 for a start.

Precise Roadmap for 2023: After 12 months of uncertainty, the NerveFlux team is still focused on its innovative ideas. While the Nerve token price reflected the condition of the bear market, the team never stopped working. The long awaited NerveFlux marketplace will be launched earlier than anticipated. A precise working roadmap is due to be released for 2023.

NerveFlux Marketplace Whitepaper: The NerveFlux marketplace whitepaper has been done and dusted. In the next Q&A session the NerveFlux team hope to make an official announcement in that regard.

Website Update: Although the NerveFlux website was carefully built and designed, as we edge closer to the release of the NerveFlux marketplace, the website will be updated to reflect the interactive Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the proposed marketplace. Investors are going to see a truly simplified user friendly website.


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