NerveFlux DAO


NerveFlux will adopt full decentralization to give total control to the community. After much research and review of the crypto crises of 2022, we are certain decentralization is the way forward. As team we want to handover control to the community and push the NerveFlux dream like never before. To achieve this, NerveFlux DAO is on the way. The Baby Nerve token will be community owned, with project development funds, and the exchange listing wallet managed by two (2) selected community members of the NerveFlux community and four (4) representatives of the NerveFlux team.

Public Vote: Voting will be conducted annually. A community representative will be voted to represent the community for a 12-month term. Interested community member(s) must hold at least 2000 BNRV token and be an active community member in the last 6 months to qualify for voting and representation.

Incentives: For effective and proper representation, 20% of the monthly generated income via project development funds tax will be shared as incentives for the 6 representatives of the NerveFlux DAO.

Telegram Group: To achieve a full decentralized environment NerveFlux team will handover the management of its telegram group to the community. Thus, the NerveFlux telegram group will not be controlled by the team neither will it be its official communication channel. The NerveFlux team will from that point onwards use twitter, media houses and its website as their official communication channel. Additional email addresses, telegram usernames and live chat will be provided in NerveFlux website to aid fast and efficient customer support. At every point in time the NerveFlux team will work with the nominated community leaders, providing needed information and feedback where necessary.



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