Introduction to the NerveFlux Solution

After years of research, NerveFlux is happy to release its official whitepaper, setting the stage for testing and release of its innovative marketplace.

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.” —F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Blockchain Technology is a crypto framework powered by decentralization. Decentralization comes at the cost of accountability. With this Achilles heel, the crypto investors pay the price. Billions have been lost and tens of millions of dollars are being lost to scammers and hackers without any end in sight.    NerveFlux is an innovative project born out of necessity to solve real-life technical problems that are being faced by all including the NerveFlux team. NerveFlux is not crypto as usual nor a profit-driven investment. A fully functional NerveFlux Marketplace will eradicate the need to convert cryptocurrency to fiat. At NerveFlux our long-term goal is to build the future, making crypto more adoptable, accepted, and regulated.

NerveFlux Marketplace is being built to adhere to government laws and regulations regarding property ownership. While NerveFlux is not an Estate Agency, we will work with regulated and licensed companies in the real estate sector on a global scale.

In a decentralized world, crypto and the real estate sector are not compatible, which is why NerveFlux has employed semi-decentralization in decision-making and full decentralization at the development level to build its system where anyone can buy, sell, and rent properties without having to convert the cryptocurrency to fiat. At NerveFlux we believe crypto projects should be driven by 2-way decentralization for proper accountability, security and regulation that will protect investors’ funds.           

The NerveFlux Marketplace is a unique and innovative approach to modern cryptocurrency use cases.

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