Baby Nerve

The native token of NerveFlux ecosystem is called Baby Nerve (BNRV). The practical usage of BNRV is for the purchase of real estate properties and payment of transaction fees in the Marketplace which will generate income for the NerveFlux business model, BNRV is community driven, automated high- yielding, auto liquidity generating token. BNRV rewards its holders with high yield generation in BNB. Hold BNRV Earn BNB. As a decentralized and multichain token, BNRV has unlimited potential long-term benefit. From day one, BNRV token is a scarce Token with 4 million supplies on the Binance Network.

To increase value and curb potential inflation we have introduce a permanent buy back mechanism in form of 2% tax alongside 2% auto liquidity, 2% auto reflection for holder and few other taxes bring buy and sell tax to 10%. The innovative use cases of BNRV token will create demand and drive value since holders will be able to use it to pay transaction fee with a 50% discount on the NerveFlux Marketplace, purchase or rent real estate properties without fear of volatility (thanks to the well-researched innovative mechanism), and trade NFT. BNRV token will be one of the de-facto tokens in the Passivex ThombStone metaverse environment and Play to Earn Game. One token, two ecosystems.

Recommended Slippage: 11%

Tax: 10%

Blockchain: Multichain

Token Name: Baby Nerve

Ticker: BNRV

Decimals: 18

BSC Contract Address


Total Supply: 4 Million

Circulating Supply:

Official Wallet Addresses

Wallet AddressWallet NamePercentage (%) of Total SupplyLocked period
0x075e7A12a8853261Dfb71ad43DBc45c4bd5CE0b2Project Development 530 days
0xe0611a26b080E9F5540502118b65bEa7B5B27bf2Exchange Listing330 days
0xa8C67DF2f76d9B072ec48b7b0a4ABBFff06bBd72Swap530 days
0x2e2D538a5150ea963F17784fb92d32a5f2bC1cFCTeam4Total of 16 months
0xBBE529f7013D039A7d5485dc50Fba94ccc0c55e1Developer2Total of 11 months

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