Features of NerveFlux marketplace

Marketplace Features

Unlike traditional marketplaces, NerveFlux’s fast and robust system is free from the volatility and scams as seen in other crypto space. Some of the additional features of NerveFlux Marketplace are as follows:

  • Extra low cost crypto/real estate trading
  • Fully decentralized Marketplace
  • Funds are not held by any intermediary
  • 24/7 Markets
  • Rapid Settlements
  • Integrated Wallet
  • Multi-Blockchain
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Rapid updates and bug management
  • Multi-lingual
  • Audited Smart Contracts
  • A non-volatile purchases
  • Escrow Functionality
  • Vetted agents
  • User Profile
  • KYC
  • PPC

Extra securities measures are in place to increase the credibility of the marketplace, which is why the payments are made through escrow smart contract. Also, users must verify their identity before using the platform. Every single property, estate agent, notary, and lawyer listed on the platform will be properly vetted and verified. This marketplace comes with the highest level of security.

Every property deal will be made and locked by the escrow mechanism. The escrow smart contract ensures that neither the buyer nor the seller has access to the funds before the deal is successfully completed. An on-screen verification will be used to round off all the transaction and paperwork which fulfils the needs of local authorities in the geographical location within a specific period.

It is worth noting that at the moment NerveFlux is not a real estate company. However, to help the users, there will be a list of verified real agent agents, notaries, and lawyers to be contacted directly for the paperwork inside the marketplace.

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