How The Marketplace Works

How NerveFlux Marketplace Works (summarized)

All the properties listed in the NerveFlux marketplace will be visible to everyone. On interest, any potential buyer can contact the NerveFlux-verified real estate agent or the advertiser for more information about the property where necessary. Otherwise, a buyer can go ahead and purchase any desired property directly via the online marketplace.

Appointments for viewing can be booked directly from the marketplace enabling interested buyers’ direct access to the property for viewing purposes either in person or through additional photos and videos of the property.

If the buyer is satisfied, all the paperwork can be handled by any of the verified Notaries, Lawyers and Real Estate Agents listed on the NerveFlux marketplace. Both the buyer and the seller will have to fulfil all legal requirements in accordance with the seller location. For maximum security and to avoid any errors and scams there is a mandatory and automated security verification mechanism.

NerveFlux marketplace is a decentralized marketplace designed to checkmate volatility, ensuring safe and secure transaction without intermediary. Buyers will be able to make direct payment, using any accepted cryptocurrency after proper registration and verification. Payments will be held using escrow smart contract to eliminate fraud and scam while fulfilling bureaucratic requirements of the seller’s location. 

You can view pdf version of the NerveFlux Marketplace flowchart using by clicking here.


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