The NerveFlux Solution


NerveFlux is developing an innovative marketplace with several issues and uses in mind. For example, buying and selling properties will be possible without having to convert cryptocurrency to a local one. The Marketplace beta edition will enable the purchase of real estate properties via stable coin and e-national currencies where and when necessary. The Marketplace full edition will enable purchases using Nerve, USDT and other selected tokens without the fear of volatility or price fluctuation via NerveFlux’s innovative mechanism.    

The main use case of NerveFlux is its marketplace. NerveFlux is bridging the gap between cryptocurrencies and real estate by offering a platform where all sorts of real estate properties can be quickly listed, purchased, sold, rented, or leased as the case may be. Unlike other platforms, the NerveFlux marketplace allows users to pay directly using cryptocurrency rather than converting it to fiat.

NerveFlux will eliminate crypto’s greatest problem: volatility in its marketplace. Although you will be paying a very tiny transaction fee, NerveFlux provides an extra layer of protection and security to both buyers and sellers. NerveFlux marketplace is completely decentralized, and not controlled by any entity. Funds are not held or funded through any third-party account or wallet. 

NerveFlux completely removes the bureaucratic stress of converting crypto to fiat while maintaining all legal financial standards, enabling seamless crypto-real estate transactions. NerveFlux marketplace aims to give users access to thousands of properties globally from vetted individuals and real estate agents. Real estate bureaucracy will be made easy with our list of verified real estate agents, lawyers, notaries and other real estate facilitators.

NerveFlux, a green ecosystem, also offers its innovative tree planting program to plant over a million trees. 

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