Why NerveFlux Marketplace

A unique Marketplace

NerveFlux is completely a unique innovation solving the issue of real estate in the crypto space in a truly simplified and efficient manner. NerveFlux bridges the cryptocurrency and real estate sectors.

The marketplace is a digital representation of a market, which is a location where buyers and sellers gather to conduct business. In this instance, prospective buyers and sellers would be gathering to buy and sell properties. Thanks to its thoughtful design, all potential users can easily access the marketplace. The marketplace is a fully functional platform with a sizeable selection of verified properties that users can select from in accordance with their preferences. Properties will be listed in BNRV and USDT.

Instalment Purchase of Property: NerveFlux will be introducing a Property Prime Club (PPC) which will be run by the NerveFlux DAO board and 14 top PPC shareholders. The aim of PPC is to provide instalment property procurement program for the low income earners. All shareholders of PPC will be fully vetted and must have passed AML/CFT control via registered governmental agencies. While PPC is open to individual and companies, club members and shareholders must hold a minimum of 1 BNB in BNRV.  

Fully Decentralized: An added benefit of using the NerveFlux ecosystem is that it’s completely decentralized, allowing trading freely across borders. NerveFlux transactions have no intermediary institutions or government involvement.

Blockchain Technology: The use of blockchain technology has facilitated a financial revolution that will leave everyone more financially connected, empowered, and enabled. Additionally, blockchain technology makes NerveFlux a safe and secure platform that regularly enhances system security to guarantee the platform’s safety.

Lower Fees: The costs of transacting are kept very low inside the whole NerveFlux ecosystem, with only a tiny 0.5% transaction fee. However, if paid in BabyNerve token, this fee will be reduced by 50%. Additionally transfers take place very quickly, eliminating the inconvenience of specific authorization and waiting period requirements.

Direct Crypto Purchase: Incorporating third party service users will be able to purchase selected crypto directly using Visa and Mastercard. 

Security: Since blockchains are distributed ledgers, no one person, group, or entity has control over them. Blockchains also rely on sophisticated cryptography to give users security. Each user has a private key that they can use to access their blockchain assets. It is very challenging for a computer, let alone another user, to guess the long string of random characters that make up that key. In addition to that, there will be several verifications, such as two-factor authentication and KYC.

Audit: Before the final launch of the NerveFlux Marketplace, to ensure users security, the Marketplace and the Escrow Smart Contract will undergo a Certik audit.

Transparency: As previously mentioned, NerveFlux uses blockchain technology to create a robust and secure platform. Blockchain technology also makes the platform super transparent to the community. Every transaction involving the cryptocurrencies and virtual tokens that run on the blockchain is recorded in a public ledger that is accessible to everyone.

Immutability: Any transaction cannot be modified after it has been verified and stored on the blockchain. Investors can be more confident that transactions cannot be falsified afterward. The system also provides investors, property buyers, and sellers peace of mind to deal through the NerveFlux marketplace.

NFT: After successful transfer of ownership, a unique NFT will be minted and transfer to the new buyer. By scanning the inbuilt NFT code, the history of the property can be viewed directly on the blockchain to provide additional security. 

Flexibility: The multichain NerveFlux marketplace allows users to pay with crypto, fiat in areas where cryptocurrency is restricted, and digital national currencies where required. Furthermore, to ensure the NerveFlux project becomes the go-to solution for everybody, the marketplace also accepts payments in local currencies where necessary.

No Intermediary: As a fully decentralized marketplace, all payments made or held will be done via the escrow smart contract. Fund do not go through any third party. Payment are made end to end without any intermediary. 

GUI: The marketplace’s Graphical User Interface (GUI) will make it easier for any level of user to understand the features and navigate without any difficulties. The NerveFlux marketplace is being built to withstand continuous updates and will ensure an easy and user-friendly environment, with users not needing to type complex commands or know the coding behind each action.    

Volatility: The NerveFlux marketplace will solve the issue of volatility by ensuring that aside from stablecoins, other cryptocurrencies added to the marketplace will be protected from any sudden change in price due to market conditions often referred to as price spikes using a mechanism being developed by the NerveFlux team.

Marketing: In a bid to aid the fast adoption of NerveFlux with potential buyers, sellers, and investors, NerveFlux has adopted an aggressive and extensive marketing network. NerveFlux will ensure it uses it primary and secondary use cases to create demand and adoption of its well-researched innovation. NerveFlux marketing will focus on big media, TV adverts. We currently have an agreement with some of the world’s top business media, who will provide publicity after successful launch of v2, during marketplace testing. Influencers from twitter and all popular social media houses will also be instrumentalized.

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