February Report

Ecosystem Update: February 2023 Project Report.

It’s another new month. The month of February has seen slight growth in volumes and wallet holders in the NerveFlux ecosystem. As price plumate’s NerveFlux has held on strong like never before compared to the market situation.

This report focus on current and upcoming issues in the NerveFlux Ecosystem. If you have any question(s) leave a message via any of the contact details at the end of the page.

Partnership: In the preceding report, the importance of partnership was highlighted. The NerveFlux team has begun partnership’s negotiation with different players in the crypto space. We are confident in the coming month(s) we will release partnership announcements that will expose the ecosystem to adoption and new investments.

The Real Estate Marketplace Whitepaper Release: NerveFlux is still committed to the release of its real estate marketplace as a prelude to the official launch of the NerveFlux Real Estate Marketplace. The announced date remains 16th March 2023 as can be seen on CoinMarketCal.

Newly Updated Website: The upcoming website update, reflects professionalism and simplicity. NerveFlux website should give users a true reflection of the upcoming Marketplace. The upcoming design has been done puting investors and users in mind like we will later see in the Marketplace. At NerveFlux we know the importance of a good Graphical User Interface.

Presale Update: The NerveFlux ecosystem has an upcoming presale. The presale will include private sale, Seed round and public sale. The NerveFlux team will make official announcement on the 16th March during the live AMA for the private sale while detailing and clarifying the need for the two token in the ecosystem.

Marketing: Extensive marketing has been planned and outlined in the upcoming website update. As we release an updated roadmap come 16th March 2023, the NerveFlux team will be moving to a more aggressive form of marketing.

Incentives/Airdrop: The short term Incentive for Nerve token holders can be seen below.

Holders of Nerve token will get 10% of their holding as airdrop, to that effect a snapshot will be taken 16th March 2023 to determine their holdings. Only token bought on or before 16th March will qualify.

An additional 20% airdrop if Nerve holders contribute 0.2 BNB and above during the upcoming Private sale that is open to only Nerve token holders.

During the private sale, the top two(2) contributors from 3 BNB and above will win a free 2 night stay(each stay can accommodate up to 2 people) for the 19th-21st May 2023 at “BRICCO B&B”(breakfast included) located in Murisengo, Province of Alessandria in Piedmont, Italy near the NerveFlux tree planting location where they will enjoy a guided tour with the NerveFlux team and the Head of Tree Planting Program. (Friend and family members of the NerveFlux team are excluded from participating in this offer)

Closed Beta Testing: After the successful presale, the closed beta testing phase will begin immediately, as the team will provide snapshots of the marketplace. During the private sale 12 contributor will be selected to join the closed beta testing.

Cex Listing: Tier 1 Centralized Exchange has been identified by the team as a means to push forward adoption and marketing of the NerveFlux real estate marketplace. After private sale the NerveFlux team will begin negotiation with tier 1 CEX like Kucoin, Kraken, Coinbase and Binance for listing.

Finally, the NerveFlux team will continue to use their time and resources to promote NerveFlux Ecosystem. We kindly request all investor and users to contribute to the growth of the ecosystem. There will be incentives for been positive and active in all our social media.

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